Saturday, December 1, 2012


 It's the first day of the month! You know what that means! Farley's Currently Linky!

 Listening: I ♥ Michael Bublé. Like for real. When I saw him live 2 years ago, I nearly died. Ok, I didn't. But you know what I mean. :) He has an awesome Christmas album titled, Christmas. Check it out!

Loving: Everywhere I go, there are Christmas decorations. I love it. I'm putting up my mini tree tonight.

Thinking: I've been praying for God to make some changes in my life and I've decided that I am going to step out in faith and go where He needs me to go. To be honest, I was scared. Scared of moving to a new city, starting a new job (my first teaching job!) but I know God is with me and I can do all things, right? Plus, He has blessed me with all you fabulous bloggers! So 2013, here I come!

Wanting: I think I'm listing the same want as last month. Well, if mother nature would send sweet, cold fronts more often, I might be able to change it. It's 71 degrees as I type this.

Needing: My computer is messed up. I saved all the goodies (freebies, fonts, and clip art, who cares about other docs! J/k) in case it crashes. Right now I am able to use the internet by starting it in safe mode BUT I cannot use Powerpoint, listen to anything or view pictures. So I need a new one.

RAK: The librarians at the Pubic Children's Library are just the sweetest! Whenever I go, they go out of their way to help. Even though they have faulty wiring that is constantly messing up their computers, they make sure I get everything I need. And for that I am grateful. I want to sweeten their day with a delicious treat.

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Forgot to add where I am when I linked up. I'm in Texas! 


  1. I had to go check out Michael Bublé on Pandora. Really like what I'm hearing! Love that you are a made me smile when I saw that. All things are possible... keep your eyes on Him!

  2. I'm over here from Currently! :-) I wish you the best of luck in 2013 - with God on your side, you're right... it'll be YOUR year!

  3. 2013 is going to be a great year. 13 is my lucky number.
    My Second Sense

    1. Mine too! Thanks for stopping by, Tania! :)

  4. Lucky librarians:) I love the library, could spend a lot of my time there, it's so peaceful. I'll let you know when I have enough snow to make your snowman.

  5. Found you through the December Currently linky. Cute blog name. I am a new follower. Come check out my blog sometime if you get a chance.


  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'm glad I hopped over here to yours!

    Sometimes it's hard to change your life...or let God change it...but it IS worth it...especially if it's His will! I pray you'll have a great year in 2013!!

    I'm now following you too. :)

    Spotted Around the School

  7. I am also in need of a new computer. Several of the currentlies (is that the right way to pluralize currently?) I have visited today said the same thing! I am a new follower!
    Second Grade is Out of This World

    1. I guess we're wearing them out with all the goodies we're buying and creating on TpT. lol

      Thanks for stopping by, Hilary! :)

      I just hopped over to yours!

  8. Wish I could send you some of our cold weather! :) Your faith will guide you and we will all be cheerin' for you along the way!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  9. Thanks Bren! I ordered "Jesus Calling" today and I can't wait to start! :)

    Third Grade Bookworm

  10. Bren,
    Your faith-driven December Currently caught my eye and I just wanted to send you a special hello from a new friend and follower...ME!
    Taking forward steps without "knowing" is scary, especially for teachers who have to have EVERYTHING planned out. I am cheering for you!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  11. Oh I hear you about needing a new computer. Mine is so slow! Thanks for linking up so I could find your blog. I found you from Oh' Boy 4th Grade! I teach Middle School and I am excited to see your ideas. I post my teaching ideas on my blog. Hope to exchange ideas soon :)


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