Saturday, September 7, 2013

Grades, lesson plans, and meet the teacher night, oh my!

Y'all, I am exhausted. Scratch that. I am beyond exhausted. 
These last two weeks FLEW by and I am bracing myself for week 3. I wish I had pictures of my classroom to show you but taking pictures is the last thing on my mind. I know, I know...Bad blogger. But I'm talking crazy busy weeks! CRAZY! 
And I've got Meet the Teacher night this coming Thursday. Oh. and did I mention I have morning duty next week and that I will be out on Thursday AND Friday for GT training? Yea...I'll see you during Thanksgiving break.
 Just kidding. 
But maybe.
 I am going to try REAL HARD to post before then but I not making any promises. I have been posting more often on Instagram so you may want to follow me there. I did see that I have 179 followers on Bloglovin'!  Woo-hoo! I'll start working on a fabulous giveaway for when I hit 200.

My Labor Day weekend was absolutely wonderful! Guess who finally arrived?! 

My cutie pie niece, Caroline Danelle! 

Of course I have pictures of HER!
She was born on August 31st! She's the first grandchild so you know we are all smitten! 

Check out that pose!

My sister had to have a C-Section at the last minute because sweet Caroline flipped but they are both doing great!

Well, I just wanted to pop in and say hello. I have not forgotten about my blog, I've just been real busy. I will be back soon.
As you know, this is my first year as a full time teacher. And I'm teaching 4th grade. I have three state tests that I've got to get my kiddos ready for. 

STAAR Reading
STAAR Writing


But I love my 19 kiddos and am excited for what this year is going to bring! I will try my hardest to share what we are doing in the classroom. If there is a professional development book, an idea, an activity, anything that you think will help me, PLEASE let me know. The kiddos last year didn't do so well, so this year we're hitting it hard!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, you rock!

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  1. Caroline is precious! Good Luck on your first year full time teaching, that is so exciting!!



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