Sunday, April 28, 2013

Instagram Crazy!

 I am still here y'all and I am back today to join What the Teacher Wants and Apples and ABC's as they host this linky to introduce #TeacherTalkTuesdays on Instagram! I have been on Instagram for a good while but mostly used it to make my pictures pretty so I could post them on FB or Twitter. Ha!

But now I am super excited for this! 

Here is a little Instagram 101:
*It is like Facebook, but with only pictures (used mostly on smart phones)
*You can make your profile private if you want
*You can make write a caption under your picture and comment or like photos
I haven't figured out how to make a new account on my phone so my personal account will now become TheTeacherDiaries
My account is currently private but if you'd like to follow, I will happily accept you! :)

Here are a few of my favorite pictures:
Love my kitty!

 David Cook! <3 

You know I am obsessed!

Be sure to link up with either What the Teacher Wants or Apple and ABC's to join the Instagram fun.

I am off to put the final touches on this!

Have you seen the number of diary readers?! You know what that means! SO EXCITED!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, friends!


  1. Ha! That's exactly what I used it for too, how funny! Definitely following you! Can't wait for tomorrow. Love how we bloggers are taking over Instagram! Oh, and love that you are from Texas too : )

    For the Love of First Grade

  2. Hi! I found you on the What the Teacher Wants linky and I'm your newest follower :) I'm at if you want to see my feed.


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