Thursday, April 4, 2013

Blog Makeover!

Short and sweet today. :) 
I gave my blog a fabulous, little makeover! I'd been wanting to make it over myself but I had no idea how. When I googled, I found some tutorials but I found them very hard to follow. Some had 864, 906 steps and I usually gave up by step 5. Too complicated.
   Until I saw Jessica from Mrs. Stanford's Class had a blogging 101 tutorial series. SO EASY TO FOLLOW! Like ridiculously easy! 

I have media buttons now and I am loving my new blog button!  

Thank you, Mrs. Stanford! 
Thank you.  :)

If you just started a blog or want to give yours a little face-lift, check out her blogging 101 series. 

I cannot believe tomorrow is Friday. I thought STAAR testing would drag this week out but it did quite the opposite!


  1. Nice work! It is so rewarding when you can figure it out yourself.

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County

    1. Thank you! And it is! I keep clicking 'view blog'! :)

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  3. Bren! Love the new blog makeover! So cute and so rewarding when you do it yourself! :) Hey girl-you are only 1 follower away from 100!! If you throw a giveaway, let me know! I'd love to contribute and celebrate with you! :)

    First Grade in Foxwell Forest


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