Thursday, May 30, 2013

A broken leg, nine weeks testing and a red pen explosion!

Before I get into the details of my blog title, don't y'all just love the font on my new blog banner?! It is by the multi-talented Cara Carroll! I am obsessed with her lastest set Font Fun (volume 3)! The papers are by Jessica Weible and the lovely frame is by The Bubbly Blonde Teacher! So talented!

Remember my sadness over my tutoring job being over? 

Well, God is good. REAL GOOD. 
 Here I was hoping to get called in a few times until the end of the year (June 5) so guess what happened last Friday while I was subbing? They informed me that I'd be working every day til the end. 8days! One of the 5th grade teachers I worked with broke her leg. She fainted and broke her leg as a result. Now while I am not happy that she broke it, I am GRATEFUL I get to work. This week is nine weeks testing so that's what we've been doing all week. I am bummed we have 4 and a half days left. I need my own class, dang it!
Is it crazy to say that even though I only started on Monday, I am already attached?
And I have two favorites. 
My sister said I am not suppose to have favorites. Mothers. Mothers aren't suppose to have favorites. lol

Oh and this happened today. 
You may have seen it on Instagram.

Leave it to a 5th grader to break a pen and get the ink all over, even his face. I'm pretty sure he rubbed it all over his hands on purpose. Sigh.

I also redesigned my giveaway button! 

I know I am taking forever, but I promise to go live this weekend. I currently don't have internet at home so I have to find wifi and I have no time at school. I want to make sure the rafflecopters are accurate so I need to make time and get it done.
 The giveaway is my goal this weekend! 

I've been getting lots of comment spam as of late so I turned on the word verification. I hope that does not discourage you from commenting! :D

Happy Thursday, friends! :)


  1. It's been awhile Bren and I LOVE your new blog design!!!!! It's adorable, so light, fun, and just super ADORABLE!!!! :)

    Congrats on 100 followers!

  2. Ohh I love your blog design - did you design it? Why don't you do blog design as a business??? So cute!!! I love it (did I already say that?).

    I need a new font on my blog. I'm tired of it. Um...Perhaps you'll get a full time job at that school?


  3. So cute!! Definitely saw that picture on Instagram but didn't realize it was pen....figured it was paint, wowzers!

    For the Love of First Grade

  4. That pen mishap looks like something I would do. The new giveaway button is super cute. Congratulations on getting work. I hope the last who broke her leg is okay.



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